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For help getting started or support inquiries, call Kite Support at 1-844-454-KITE [5483], Monday–Friday 5 am–6 pm PT

For Treating

Through Kite Konnect®, your team can coordinate appointments, schedule any additional follow-ups, monitor a patient’s progress, and report adverse events while administering CAR T-cell therapy.

Enroll a Patient

Begin the treatment journey by enrolling your patient using the Kite Konnect Hospital Portal.

Enter Apheresis Collection Module

Perform NanoCool verification, apheresis, or pack & ship.

Access REMS Training Program

Log in to your REMS account or register for access to the REMS Training Program.

Log in or register for REMS Training

Get more information about the REMS Program and the REMS resources available to you.

Learn about the REMS Program

Additional Resources for Treating Providers

Kite Patient Support Services

Case Managers and Patient Navigators are available to support healthcare professionals and patients throughout the CAR T journey.

Kite Logistics Support

Upon decision to proceed with CAR T therapy, transportation and lodging support is available for eligible patients and their caregivers.

Independent Logistics Support

Patients can learn about potential third-party organizations providing assistance with transportation and housing.

Reimbursement and Financial Support

  • Help with benefits investigations, claims appeals information, and potential sources of support
  • Eligible patients who are uninsured or underinsured may qualify to receive CAR T therapy at no cost with help through the Patient Assistance Program
Call Kite Konnect® at 1-844-454-KITE [5483], Monday–Friday 5 am–6 pm PT

Patient Support Resources

View a directory of available independent support programs for patients and caregivers, including housing, transportation, financial, and other support resources.

View Patient Support Resources